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    Providing on-site OSHA training to benefit your dental office for over 20 years. Saves valuable production time - 2 to 4 hours versus 8 hours out of your office. Convenient, on a day or time that works for your office and customized to your office training needs. Approved CE sponsor.

    Kathy L. Nahrwold

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  • Convenient In-Office OSHA Training

The Occupational Safety & Health Administrative Act of 1970 was created to assure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, education, research and information. Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment; to protect their employees from hazards.

Absolute OSHA Consulting, LLC provides the necessary information, tools and training that your office needs to assure compliance with OSHA regulations. This in-office concept provides the dental office the opportunity to express concerns, ask questions and visibly see how their offices are compliant.


The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 established national standards to protect the privacy of personal health information. This rule requires safeguards to protect this information.

Why Ethics?

In 2006 Indiana legislation was passed that requires dentists and dental hygienists to obtain two (2) hours of continuing education in ethics, professional responsibility and Indiana law. This course discusses what ethics are; what your professional responsibilities are and covers many areas of the Indiana practice act. Examples of ethics situations/dilemmas are also discussed.

Why CPR?

Heart disease continues to be one of the top diseases that affect both men and women. Learning what factors can contribute to heart disease and being certified in CPR can make your office prepared for emergencies that may happen in your dental offices. This intense cardiopulmonary training teaches the dental personnel adult/child/infant CPR along with the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator).

Why Management of Dental Emergencies?

Management of Emergencies in the Dental Office will give you a hands-on approach to recognizing medical/dental emergencies and demonstrating skills used during such emergencies. This is an interactive class.

Recent Testimonials

“We recently completed our OSHA training, as well as our Ethics training.  The beauty of Kathy’s system is that it is done at our office!  We don’t have to make our team travel, and being at our office, it’s much easier for our team to ask very specific questions about our practice.  Kathy does a tremendous job of informing us of any changes, and exactly how it pertains to our practice.  I highly recommend bringing Kathy to your office!”

Greg Pyle, DDS
University Avenue Dental
Muncie, Indiana

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Common FAQ's
OSHA requires annual training for employees regarding the bloodborne pathogen standard. 29 CFR 1910.1030
The term refers to controls that help to isolate or remove the bloodborne pathogens hazard in the workplace. (e.g. sharps disposal containers, self-sheathing needles and needless systems)
The employer is responsible for providing, laundering, cleaning, repairing, replacing and disposing of PPE at no cost to the employees.
The law (828 IAC 1-5-6) adopted in 2006 requires dentists/dental hygienists to obtain an Ethics course that covers Ethics, Professional Liability and Indiana Law.
A BLS Healthcare Provider Course is required for licensure in Indiana. An online course can be done, with one receiving a card stating that only the written portion was completed. A skills test must be passed with an AHA instructor monitoring to receive your actual BLS card.
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