Client Testimonials

We recently completed our OSHA training, as well as our Ethics training.  The beauty of Kathy’s system is that it is done at our office!  We don’t have to make our team travel, and being at our office, it’s much easier for our team to ask very specific questions about our practice.  Kathy does a tremendous job of informing us of any changes, and exactly how it pertains to our practice.  I highly recommend bringing Kathy to your office!

Greg Pyle, DDS
University Avenue Dental

Muncie, Indiana

Our office has contracted with Kathy Nahrwold for her expertise in the Osha /Ethics field.  She has consistently performed a thorough and insightful job updating and informing our office of any  changes in those areas.  We would not hesitate to recommend her to any of our colleagues.

Lesli Boardman
OSHA/ETHICS Office Coordinator
Liberty Family Dentistry
Bloomington, Indiana

Kathy Nahrwold has been teaching our OSHA/HIPAA/ETHICS and CPR since 2013.  We have enjoyed her thoroughness as well as her organized manner of presenting the materials.  Kathy’s manual for the office is top notch and very easy to refer to.  She has always been very prompt with any questions or concern we have had.  We highly recommend Kathy!

Dr. Brent Barta
West 10th Dental Group
Indianapolis, Indiana